Critical Reflection

Throughout this module, there are plenty of chances that allowed me to practice on my writing skills such as readers response and technical report. I still remember my initial goals was to learn some soft skills and improve on my writing. With the time wisely planned out through this three months, I was able to apply this tactics in the future when I step out into workforce.
Writing a good essay or a report is definitely not an easy task. It required a good introduction and content so as to attract the customer to purchase your product. There will also be a need for further revise and improve on it. Usually, I would just write out my report once and submit it, without realising any mistake and having sufficient content. Grammar had always been my weaknesses which will derive of my report, having lots of flaws and not being smooth enough.
As for my speaking capabilities, I had performed even better than last time although there is room for improvement. During our oral presentation rehear…

Analytical Reflection for Oral Presentation

As a student in effective communication class, I had learned plenty of useful knowledge and soft skills in this trimester. For example, I had completed my group presentation in week 11 and through the outcome, I received my pros and cons feedback from my peers and professor. For my feedback, I realised that I tends to stuttered quite often, using inappropriate language such as Singlish. As for the tones and contents likewise, it was still manageable but I believe there is room for improvement. Before the actual presentation, we did mock presentation as well. I felt that I did even better for the mock presentation in terms of confident level, eye contact with the audience and contents. Although I had prepared myself for the final presentation, but I still tends to get nervous and lost. But I realise that once I get comfortable with myself speaking up, I am able to deliver my message across the audiences with ease.When my audiences were paying attention to my presentation, I felt more c…

Technical report draft 2

Letter of Transmittal
Singapore Institute of Technology
10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683
16 October 2017
Mr Brad Blackstone
Singapore Institute of Technology
10 Dover Drive
Singapore 138683

Dear Prof. Blackstone,
RE: Proposal for a Sustainable Entry System
This is CRAZ from Singapore Institute of Technology. This technical report is to address the problem whilst entering SIT @Dover, alongside the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) during peak hours.
The report consists of the issues people face while using the entry system alongside the AYE, mainly the bottlenecking of human traffic during peak hours and the wheelchair unfriendly single turnstile. The scope includes the advantages and countermeasures towards the potential drawbacks of a dual turnstile system and side gate as our solution and why it should be implemented.
We appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review this technical report.


Proposal for a Sustainable Entry System
November 10th, 2017

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